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3D Shapes

General Information on 3D Shapes
Birmingham Grid for LearningShapes
Kids NewsroomSpace Figures
Math LeagueSpace Figures and Basic Solids

Area and Volume
Keith CalkinsLateral and Surface Area, Volumes
Math2.orgAreas, Volumes, and Surface Areas
Maths TutorAreas and Volumes (ii)
PurplemathGeometric Formulae Review

Rectangular Solids (Cuboids and Boxes)
Algebra LabRectangular Solids
CITEVolume of a Cube
CITEVolume of a Rectangular Container
Zona LandTotal Surface Area and Volume of a Box
Zona LandTotal Surface Area and Volume of a Box with a Cylindrical Hole

CITEVolume of a Cylinder
Rainer RadokPrism and Cylinder
Zona LandTotal Surface Area and Volume of a Cylinder

Algebra LabCylinders and Prisms
Rainer RadokPrism and Cylinder

Algebra LabSpheres
Go MathSpheres
Maths ThesaurusInsphere

Pyramids and Cones
Algebra LabPyramids and Cones
CITEVolume of a Square Pyramid
CITEVolume of a Cone
Fort McMurray Catholic School DistrictSurface Area and Volume of a Pyramid
Harcourt SchoolCone

Other 3D Shapes
Dan's MathPolyhedra
Wolfram ResearchPlatonic Solids
Wolfram ResearchArchimedean Solids

Online Practice - Area
Algebra LabSurface Area: Pyramid
MathGuideQuizmaster: Surface Area of Spheres
MathGuideQuizmaster: Surface Area of Cones
MathGuideQuizmaster: Surface Area of Rectangular Prism

Online Practice - Volume
Algebra LabWord Problems: Volume of a Prism
Math NotesVolume
MathGuideQuizmaster: Volume of Spheres
MathGuideQuizmaster: Volume of Cones
MathGuideQuizmaster: Volume of Rectangular Prisms
Utah State UniversityVolume and Shape

Online Practice - Area and Volume
Algebra LabPrisms: Volume and Surface Area
Algebra LabSurface Area and Volume of 3-Dimensional Space Figures
Algebra LabSurface Areas and Volumes of Cubes
JRWAreas and Volumes

Online Practice - Other
AAA MathGeometry
Algebra LabCubes
Kids NewsroomSpace Figures Quiz

Go MathSphere Worksheet
Mr. LeMieuxCylinder and Rectangular Prism Worksheet

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