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General Information on Polynomials and Functions
Alan SelbyWhat is a Variable
Harcourt SchoolCoefficient
Zona LandOther Represenations Besides Numbers for Values
Zona LandTerms and Factors

algebra.helpWhat is Simplifying?
algebra.helpCombining Like Terms
Dan's MathLike and Unlike Terms
Dan's MathSimplifying Expressions
Math 1030 OnlineSimplifying Algebraic Expressions
Math 1030 OnlineSimplifying Algebraic Expressions with Parentheses
WTAMUSimplifying Algebraic Expressions

Paul's Online Math Tutorials and NotesPolynomials

Graphing Polynomials
CoolmathGraphing Polynomials: Real Zeros
CoolmathGraphing Polynomials: Increasing and Decreasing

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
FIPSE Mathematics TutorialsAdding and Subtracting Like Terms
PurplemathAdding and Subtracting Polynomials
WebMathAdd or Subtract Polynomials

Multiplying and Dividing Polynomials
FIPSE Mathematics TutorialsMultiplying and Dividing Algebraic Terms
LTCC OnlineDivision of Polynomials
MathsRevision.netAlgebraic Long Division
Project A LevelFactor and Remainder Theorem

Arithmetic with Polynomials - Other
Illinois State UniversityMultinomial Expansion
LTCC OnlineArithmetic of Polynomials

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions Involving Polynomials
MathCentreAddition and Subtraction of Fractions Involving Polynomials
MathsRevision.netPartial Fractions
MathsRevision.netAlgebraic Fractions
Project A LevelPartial Fractions

Factoring Polynomials
All About CircuitsFactoring Equivalencies
CoolmathFactoring Harder Trinomials
Dan's MathFactoring Polynomials
Dummies.comUnderstanding Factoring in Algebra
LTCC OnlineGCF and Factoring Trinomials
Paul's Online Math Tutorials and NotesFactoring Polynomials
WTAMUFactoring Polynomials

Interactive Demonstrations
Jim ReedAdding Polynomials
Jim ReedSubtracting Polynomials

Online Practice - Writing Algebraic Expressions
QuiaAlgebraic Expressions

Online Practice - Multiplying Polynomials
HofstraMultiplying Algebraic Expressions

Online Practice - Factoring Polynomials
HofstraFactoring Algebraic Expressions
Jim LoyFactor the Polynomial
LTCC OnlineAC Method for Factoring Polynomials
LTCC OnlineCompleting the Square

Online Practice - Classifying Polynomials
Jim ReedPolynomial Munchers
Maths OnlinePolynomials and Their Order

Online Practice - Evaluating Expressions
JRWUsing Letters for Numbers - 1
JRWUsing Letters for Numbers - 2
Math NotesEvaluating Expression and Formulas
Maths OnlineBig Puzzle on Term Manipulation
Maths OnlineSubstituting Numbers in Terms

Online Practice - Manipulating Terms
JRWExpanding Brackets
Maths OnlineSubstituting Terms in Terms
Maths OnlinePulling Common Factors Out
Maths OnlineSimplifying Quotients

Online Practice - Rational Expressions
HofstraRational Algebraic Expressions
LTCC OnlineSolving Rational Expressions
Math 1030 OnlineRational Expressions
Math 1030 OnlineMultiplying Rational Expressions
Math 1030 OnlineAdding and Subtracting Rational Expressions - I
Math 1030 OnlineAdding and Subtracting Rational Expressions - II

algebra.helpCombining Like Terms and Solving
algebra.helpSimplifying Multiplication Worksheet
algebra.helpSimplifying Distribution Worksheet
Mrs. GlosserExpressions and Equations
WebMathPolynomial Worksheets

Worksheets - Customizable Generators
Math.comAlgebra Worksheet Generator

Worksheets - Collections
EdHelperAlgebra Worksheets
EdHelperPolynomials Worksheets

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